Machinery and equipment appraisals; consumer, retail and industrial inventiry appraisals; enterprise valuation. Machinery and equipment appraisals; consumer, retail and industrial inventiry appraisals; enterprise valuation. Machinery and equipment appraisals; consumer, retail and industrial inventiry appraisals; enterprise valuation.

Retail and Consumer Inventory

Hilco Offers You the Three Most Important Attributes You Can Have in a Retail or Consumer Products Inventory Appraisal.

1. Experience
Year after year, Hilco leads in retail and consumer inventory appraisals. We serve lenders, retailers, manufacturers and equity sponsors with reliable, market-tested valuations, timely report delivery and one-on-one briefings on our valuations and exit strategy options.

2. Validation Through Asset Disposition Capabilities
Hilco—a world leader in asset disposition services—knows retail and consumer inventory, FF&E, scrip file and IP values. Our asset disposition capabilities support the quality of our appraisals. We understand the market and, on a daily basis, are called upon to derive maximum value for retail and consumer inventory. Hilco asset disposition professionals routinely provide peer reviews on all inventory appraisals to verify value opinions.

3. Financial Strength
Should a problem arise, Hilco has more than $350,000,000 of our own risk capital available to back a disposition with guarantees and up-front cash payments. 

Look to Hilco Appraisal Services for all your retail and consumer inventory appraisal requirements. Count on the Hilco appraisal team for reliable valuations and quick turnaround. You’ll find personalized involvement by our inventory experts at every stage in the appraisal development and delivery process.

The Retail Appraisal Team
Hilco Appraisal Services brings deep and rich experience to retail and consumer inventory appraisals.  Our appraisal team includes seasoned veterans like 
Ed Zimmerlin Sr., Howie Gerstein and David Schwartz, along with a solid team of highly-qualified appraisers, analysts and writers.  They have created a “best practices” standard―covering the appraisal process as well as preparation of the finished report―that has set a new industry quality benchmark for retail and consumer inventory appraisals.
An Appraisal Team Built On A Strong Disposition Platform and Real World Information
The inventory team is supported by the asset disposition experts at Hilco Merchant Resources, LLC.  Mike Keefe, Anton Caracciolo and Jeff Paronto bring a “real world” perspective to every valuation. They have developed most of today's most innovative retail asset disposition practices, and have planned and executed hundreds of retail and consumer inventory dispositions. 
Hilco Appraisal Services and Hilco Merchant Resources have integrated their information-gathering and reporting systems to create the world's largest, most current retail and consumer inventory valuation database.

Hilco’s “Added Value” promise to retail inventory appraisal customers:

1. Reliable gross inventory and net liquidation values
Based in-part on the recent disposition experiences of Hilco Merchant Resources.

2. User-defined appraisal reports
Based upon a clear understanding of each client’s specific needs.

3. Delivery to your requested date
We understand the importance of meeting the client’s time constraints.

4. Flawless execution and reliable communications
Rest assured that communications, process execution and quality control will be properly managed. Also know that our experts are available to provide valuable insights and perspectives into your appraisal. We’ll help you get behind the numbers and make better business decisions.

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