Machinery and equipment appraisals; consumer, retail and industrial inventiry appraisals; enterprise valuation. Machinery and equipment appraisals; consumer, retail and industrial inventiry appraisals; enterprise valuation. Machinery and equipment appraisals; consumer, retail and industrial inventiry appraisals; enterprise valuation.

Prescription Files and Pharamceuticals

Hilco Offers You the Three Most Important Attributes You Can Have in a Prescription File or Pharmaceutical Industry Appraisal.

1. Experience
Annually, Hilco is the industry leader in appraising prescription files and pharmaceutical industry assets. Our practitioners regularly provide valuations involving:

- Grocery and drug store script files
- Health and beauty aids
- Veterinary products
- Pharma process production equipment, including batch processing, tablet making, encapsulation, mixing and storage machinery and equipment.

Clients include:

● Winn-Dixie

● Albertsons  ● Bashas ● TwinLab
● NexGen Pharma ● Marsh ● Family Care ● PharmaFab
● Spartan Stores ● Market Fresh ● Kraft ● Glens Market

Hilco has produced more than 1,000 scripts file and pharma-related appraisals with asset values ranging from $2 million to $40 million. 

2. Validation Through Asset Disposition Capabilities
Hilco—a world leader in asset disposition services—knows prescription file and pharma asset values, in part because our disposition capabilities support the quality of our appraisals. We understand the market.

3. Meaningful Reporting and Timely Delivery

Our user-defined reports are based upon an understanding of each client’s specific needs, and are delivered on schedule to the client’s request.

Experienced Leadership
Machinery and Equipment
Allan Dubin has more than 40 years experience in valuing and selling M&E in the food industry. Allan began his career in the bakery equipment field, but soon thereafter became involved in other sectors, including meat and poultry, snack food, candy, beer, beverage, dairy, pizza, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, pasta and pet food. He has also been involved with restaurants and supermarkets. Allan is a certified appraiser with the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (AMEA) and has passed the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) requirements.
Prescription Files
Ed Zimmerlin, Sr. has over 30 years in retailing and more than 9 years as a retail, consumer products inventory and prescription files appraiser. Ed has valued script files for the world’s largest drug retailers in connection with M&A
Ed Zimmerlin, Jr. has worked directly on or supervised more than 5,000 inventory appraisals, including several hundred involving pharma industry assets. Ed also works closely with Hilco's various asset disposition groups, particularly when they are involved with a company for which Hilco Appraisal has performed the valuation work.
Intangible asset valuations, including trademarks, trade names, patents, contracts and copyrights, as well as enterprise and FAS valuations, are provided by Hilco Enterprise Valuation Services, a Hilco Appraisal unit. The team leader, Jason Frank, has 10-plus years of experience in valuing intangible and tangible assets for lending and M&A transactions.
Real Estate
Consider the time-saving benefits of coordinating real estate valuations with inventory and M&E appraisals. Todd Haney and Hilco’s real estate appraisal group deliver nearly 1200 valuations annually. They are experienced in valuing agricultural land, food processing, warehousing and distribution facilities, and retail owned and leased facilities.

Hilco’s "Added Value" Promise
1. Reliable gross and net liquidation values with clear and accurate exit strategies based on 40-plus years of pharma and scripts appraisal and disposition experience.
2. User-defined appraisal reports, based upon your specific needs. Delivery of reports to promise date. 
3. Recommendations on best practices for post-appraisal collateral monitoring to help recognize the early warning signs of declining values.
4. A designated “Point Person” on every engagement to assure proper management of communications, process execution, quality control and the availability of valuation experts to provide appraisal insights and perspectives, helping you get behind the numbers and make better business decisions.

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